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Connecting resources and inspiring healthy living

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About HLN

In March 2019, Healthy Lifestyle Network (HLN) was founded by Sheila Wyatt and Tammy Lanier. Sheila, licensed massage and myofascial release therapist, has developed a passion for healthy living and sharing the tools she finds with others. After organizing a local health fair in January 2019, Sheila saw a need for the vendors—like-minded health and wellness professionals—to have a space to connect with each other as well as the community. This idea of creating an established group that could foster growing connections was the seed that would become HLN.

Reaching out to marketing strategist, Tammy Lanier, Sheila shared her idea, and it began to grow.

Tammy’s unique background in senior health resources and hospice care left her with a soft spot for connecting others to the services they need. This continues to shape the clients she chooses to work with in her marketing company, MarketME. Resonating with both the value and the passion that wellness professionals bring to their businesses, Tammy’s desire to help them reach more people, more effectively, is a core part of her business structure.

Combining marketing and business skills with passion and know-how made for a perfect partnership!

Today, HLN continues to develop professionals, connect resources, and educate our community. Our mission is to provide a trusted brand to promote a healthier lifestyle for all.

Our Team

Meet our executive team and get to know the initial members who helped launch HLN!

Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Sheila, a massage and myofascial release therapist since 2011, relocated to the south side of Atlanta in 2015. She has thoroughly enjoyed local networking and getting to know the community. Sharing her passion for all things health-related is what drives and motivates her every day!

Tammy Lanier

Co-Founder and Director of Business Development

Tammy, a native of Atlanta’s south side, has worked in the marketing world in various positions over the last decade. Wellness professionals have become her favorite clients, and she loves helping them strategize master plans that propel their businesses to new levels!

Darrin Flanagan

Director of Resource Development

Darrin has an expansive history in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. Though raised in Upstate New York, he spent the majority of his adulthood in Florida and relocated to Georgia in 2014. As a small business owner himself, Darrin enjoys supporting and helping small businesses of all kinds. His valuable expertise helps to expand HLN’s programming, member services, and national reach.

Healthy Lifestyle Network Directory

Connect with our professional members


Healthy Lifestyle Network Directory

Connect with our professional members


Our Founding Members

Amanda Harris

Peachtree Optimal Health

Anna Lindberg

Peachtree City Myofascial Release

Bobbie Sawyer


Brandi Whitney & Lisa Hand

Kale to the Chef

Donna Jennings

Donna Jennings Coaching

Jeremy Gritton

Gritton’s Training System

Marcie Bayne


Natalie Kohlhaas

Integrative Mental Health Counseling

Rawls Whittlesey

Balanced Energy Wellness

Sondra Brown

Scout & Cellar

Become a Member

Healthy Lifestyle Network is designed to pull all of our health and wellness professionals together, connect them to each other, and ultimately connect them to the community in a larger way.

Essentially, we want to bridge the gap between resources and community so the community can find the tools/resources/practitioners they fit best with!

A lot of professionals in the health and wellness world are smaller companies or solo-preneurs.

Our goal with HLN is to create opportunities, and a platform for our smaller businesses to have a larger voice.

We have regular events, business development and marketing coaching, and help foster more collaborative and referral relationships with like-minded professionals with a common client base.

This empowers our members to scale their businesses in a cost-effective, supportive environment.

Professional Member

As a development platform, HLN is committed to providing exposure opportunities for our trusted professional members. We believe it’s important to showcase all you have to offer, and sometimes that’s hard to do standing on your own.

Businesses that provide wellness services or resources qualify as members.

A principal belief we teach and educate around is collaboration–not competition.

We want plenty of variety in each category of wellness so our practitioners can find people they enjoy collaborating with and our community has options that suit their individual needs.

We do, however, restrict membership to 3 professionals per company, per chapter. This applies to independent consultants with a particular company as their main business, or individual employees from a company where the employees are paying their individual membership dues and not the company itself.

*All applications are subject to review and approval by our committee. 

  • Directory listing on our website
  • Upload your own content to our website
    • Share your recipes, blogs*, and events on our website! (*note: when uploading blogs they cannot be exactly the same as blogs already shared on your own, or another website. Google could ding the content as plagiarized.)
    • Remember to add HLN as a co-host to your events on Facebook and we can help promote them!
  • Opportunity to offer a “perk” to our Tools to Thrive Members
    • This is a program to reward our community members for getting engaged with our professionals.
    • It also creates a pool of new and interested prospects for our professionals to do business with. (Each professional member is required to recruit 2 Tools to Thrive Members within their 12-month membership)
  • Monthly Building Better Business Lunch & Learn
    • This is a business development lunch and learn designed to offer practical tools for you to apply in your business.
    • This opportunity is included in membership but is open to non-members for $10.
    • In the event any Chapter Director is unable to secure a business development speaker, non-local chapters can choose to teleconference into another chapter’s Building Better Business.
  • Quarterly Connect & Grow after-hours event
    • This free potluck-style event is open to both professionals and the community. It’s meant to help facilitate warm connections in a relaxed atmosphere over good food!
  • HLN “Spotlight” Event
    • Want to showcase your business or location? We’ll help facilitate one spotlight-style event promoted to our professional members and the community. You may even use our Development Room at the HLN Center at no charge. 
  • HLN Community Events
    • Minimum one large community-centered event. This event may be different in each chapter and is typically a vendor fair. Each chapter may also do more than one event per year.
  • Preferred Pricing on renting the Peachtree City HLN Center
    • Need a place to host that awesome class you offer? You can rent rooms at our wellness center by the hour or the day.
  • Marketing Mentor
    • This online interactive coaching class is offered monthly, recorded and posted to our website. It features practical marketing advice to help you grow your business.
  • Social Media
    • We have two Facebook groups. One is for Professional Members only. You’ll find updates within the network here and you can use it to ask for direct referrals or support from your fellow members.
    • Community Facebook Group. This is open to anyone and everyone. Post content, events, questions, new information, etc.

This program is a 12-month membership with two payment options: $299 per year or $29 per month.  

There is also an initial setup fee of $49 which members pay only once as long as they keep their membership current.

Apply through our website. When the application comes in and is approved, you’ll receive an email with the the link for you to pay your dues.

Join Now!

Still have questions? That’s ok. Reach out to our co-founders for a more in-depth overview of how HLN can support you!

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