About Julie Fowler

For the past 25 years, Julie has been involved in working with energy. Julie is a certification program faculty member, advanced practitioner, and authorized instructor for the Eden Method Intro level classes, and Fundamentals: Level 1 classes. She has taught hundreds of students and held classes and workshops all over the country. She has additional energy medicine training in supporting clients with cancer, immunodeficiencies, and cardiac health concerns. Julie is also trained in other energy healing modalities including Reiki Jin Kei Do, aromatherapy, and homeopathic first aid. She has also completed coursework in whole health education at the National Institute of Whole Health. She holds a Bachelor Degree in business management and psychology. Julie looks at health and well being from a physical, spiritual, emotional, nutritional, and environmental perspective. She believes in combining a variety of modalities to help facilitate a healthy body, mind, and spirit. She has a private practice in Eastern Massachusetts in addition to her work as a teacher Julie is passionate about working with both individuals and communities to help people ignite their healing potential and live their best life.
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